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All of our programs have an emphasis on safety and fun, but we also take the next step and teach our students to view the ocean with a surfer’s eye so they can safely and confidently ride waves on their own. Our professional surf instructors have taught hundreds of students and can assess and address bad techniques so students can improve and move forward on their surfing journey.
All of our surf lessons, surf classes, and surf camps include the use of quality surfboards, wetsuits and gear and we are well stocked in all sizes.

Cody Futeran








Cody founded Surf Camp South Africa in July 2013. The South African born surfer and renowned Cape St Francis/Jeffrey’s Bay local had the experience abroad to execute the unique surfing and adventure centre. Cody has been surfing since he was 4 and has been involved at all levels of surf coaching, Surf competitions, kite surfing, SUP boarding and adventure travel! His passion led to Managing/Coaching/Guiding Surf Camp Australia for over 3 years. Surf Camp Australia was and still is the leading surf camp/school in Australia boasts some 150-300 guests per week.

Whilst at the helm in Australia, Cody ran camps for all kinds of groups from back packers & school kids to adventure sportsman & beginner surfers, guiding them to improve their skills. During his time in Australia, Cody ran non profit camps for under privileged kids from; The Koole Kids Program, Quiksilver Vegemite Surf Groms Program and various other events hosted for Surfing Australia and Surfing NSW.

note: Talk to us about becoming a surf coach, learning the camera lens, working in our shop or becoming part of our live in media team… Email: cody@surfcampsouthafrica.co.za



It’s all about the great outdoors and you’re spoilt for choice when the sun shines, which is most of the time given the temperate climate and the longest sunshine hours on the country’s coast.